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Alan Pintor

Computer Programmer Analyst

Greetings, and welcome to my portfolio. As an experienced Android Developer with over 2 years of expertise, I am currently seeking a position as an intermediate Android Developer. My proficiency includes the ability to design, develop, and maintain/update projects tailored to customer requirements. In addition, I possess 2+ years of experience as a Developer, QA, and Technical Support for AI and Robotics. Furthermore, I have received 3+ years of training as a Computer Programmer Analyst at George Brown College and have 5+ years of customer service experience as an IT consultant. As a well-motivated team player with a strong sense of independence, I am capable of easily adapting to various work environments, programming languages, and new technologies. I am constantly improving my skills and knowledge to stay current and proficient in my field.

Robots with Guns


Career History

January 2015 - August 2017

Computer Technician

Freelancer Computer Technician. IT support for personal computers, businesses & small networks.
I have excellent experience with customers. Capable to explain technical solutions to not technical customers and I was frequently providing advice and training to users.

 - 2021

Computer Programmer Analyst

Back to school to upgrade my skills at George Brown College.
Trained in Object-Oriented Programming, Databases, Data Structures & Algorithms; Developing applications for Windows OS, Websites / Full-Stack, Mobile devices, DevOps (cloud computing), and Artificial Intelligence (machine learning).

2021 - Present

Software Developer

As part of my career history, I have gained significant experience working as an Android Developer, QA, and Technical Support specialist at, where I have provided expertise in various aspects of software development, including design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of both current and future applications. I have also been responsible for modifying software to fix errors, adapting it to new hardware, improving its performance, and upgrading interfaces. In addition, I have assisted with the design, development, build, and testing of robots' software and hardware. The majority of the applications I have worked with are based on the Android platform.


Core Skills

CSharp, Java, Python, JavaScript.

Bootstrap, Laravel, Angular, React, Ionic.

MongoDB, Express.js, NodeJS.



Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, Android Studio, Xcode.

Github, Jira Scrum.

Complementary Courses

Networking - CNNA
Introduction to Cybersecurity
DevOps - Automation

Azure - IoT Central

Future Tech

My ability to adapt to new programming languages and technologies is one of my strengths. I firmly believe that programming concepts are transferable between different languages, which enables me to quickly grasp and work with new technologies as required. If there is a specific technology that you require but is not currently listed among my skills, please let me know. I am always eager to learn and improve, and I can assure you that I will add those skills to my repertoire in no time.


AI development.jpg

Academic Projects.
Designed and developed the following applications:

* 1 Mobile application in Ionic/React for both android and iOS. * 2+ apps in Android (Java). * 2+ apps in XCode for iOS. * 2 Full-Stack web applications, one with Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Angular; and the second web-app with ES6 and React, Node.js, Express, NOSQL, MongoDB. * 2 windows applications base on Object-Oriented Programming with Java and C Sharp, including Data Structures and Algorithms. * 1 dynamic web site with PHP, Laravel, and MySQL. * 3 Windows applications with Python, Java and C Sharp. And 2 static web sites using JavaScript and CSS.

 Android Developer & Tech Support for AI & Robotics at

 • Provide expertise in design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance
of current and future applications.
• Modifying software to fix errors, adapt it to new hardware, improve its performance,
or upgrade interfaces.
• Preparing reports on programming project specifications, activities, or status.
• Assist in Robotics Hardware assembly and Software testing & development.
• Install, maintain, and service equipment
• Assist in building and testing prototypes to specifications.
• Assist in inspecting, testing, and adjusting electronic components.
• Collect and compile operational or experimental data.
• Assist in setting up and operating specialized and standard test equipment to
diagnose, test, and analyze the performance of electrical and electronic components,
assemblies, and systems.
• Other duties as needed by the department.

Developing AI for Android applications. 

  • Exploring Models

  • Development in progress . . .

Game Designer

“It can also be argued that DNA is nothing more than a program designed to preserve itself.”

Puppet Master - Ghost in the shell

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Located in Toronto

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